Clerk-Treasurer's Office

Megan Anderson, Clerk-Treasurer

Megan Anderson, 
Village Clerk-Treasurer

Carol Moranz
Deputy Village Clerk

Christine Parsons
Accounts Payable Clerk

The Clerk-Treasurer's Office oversees all records and documents associated with the Village, in addition to advertising bidgs and other legal notices, budgets, local laws, financial reports, etc. The office assists in preparing the budget, state audits and payment of claim vouchers. Daily deposits of revenue are received and recorded in this office. In addition, the Clerk-Treasurer's office maintains payroll, taxes and otherwithholdings; service records; wage and salery schedules; life, health and specialty insurances; payroll deduction plans; NYS retirement plans; and workers comp plan.

Items handled by the Village of Fairport Clerk-Treasurer's Office

  • Village Property Tax Payments
  • ADA Parking Permits
  • Cemetery Plots
  • FOIL requests

What Items are managed by the Town of Perinton Clerk's Office
  • Property Assessments
  • Dog Licenses
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Payment of Town and County Property Taxes
  • ADA Parking Permits
  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses