The Potter House

53 West Church Street

Is the Potter House for sale?
Yes, the Potter House also known as 53 West Church Street is for sale.

  • The home is zoned single family. Any party purchasing the property must adhere to local zoning code.
  • The home is a national landmark and a locally designated historic structure. Any changes to the exterior require a certificate of appropriateness from the Fairport Historic Preservation Commission.
  • The home and the carriage barn have been subdivided from the Potter Memorial site and the rest of Potter Park. The parking lot behind the home belongs to the park not to the home.

Three well attended public meetings were held in February 2020 to allow the public to visit inside the house and to hear about the history and status of the property. Members of the Village Board attended to hear resident and community feedback for ideas of what to do with the house. We heard cherished memories of the past use of the property and several ideas. 

After much discussion of possible uses by the Village Board, it was determined with the amount of repairs needed, it would be cost prohibitive to pursue the proper restoration of the property for public use. 

The Village supports the reuse of this historic property and is looking for a future property owner that will support the home and restore it, showing off the beauty of its history. The one-time funds from this sale will be invested in the Village capital projects fund and used for future projects in the Village of Fairport. These funds will not be utilized for operating expenses. We look forward to having a new community member with the purchase of the home.

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2021 Potter House Appraisal Report

Community Meeting Slides February 2020
Community meetings that shared the history of the home and the status of need for rehabilitation of the house. Additionally, brainstorming was encouraged for future use of the property.  

2019 Potter House Engineering Report

Potter House Subdivision Map

2011 Potter House Engineering Report