Rental of Gazebo and Pavillion

Kennelley Park GazeboKennelley Park Pic
Vincent G. Kennelley Park is named in recognition of the many contributions to the Village by Former Mayor Kennelley who died while in office on February 6, 1989. The park and gazebo are property of the Village of Fairport. The Gazebo is available to be rented for private events but does not restrict access to the other areas within the Park.

North Bank PavilliFairport North Bank Pavillionon
This pavillion is located on the North Bank of the Erie Canal within the Village of Fairport. The Pavillion is open to the public, however it may be rented for private events. Rental of the Pavillion does not restrict access to other areas within the canal walkway.

Reserving the Gazebo and Pavillion

To check availability contact the Clerk-Treasurer's office at any of the following:

To reserve the Gazebo or Pavillion, please complete the Application and return to the Clerk-Treasurer's Office along with payment

The current fee to rent the Gazebo or Pavillion is $25 per day.