Fairport Electric

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Operations Center
: 43 Liftbridge Lane East Fairport, NY 14450

Billing Office: 31 S. Main St. Fairport, NY 14450
Business Hours: M-F 8am-4pm

Ph: 585-223-9500 (24/7/365)     Questions or Comments     FAQs

The Village owns and operates Fairport Electric, one of the 47 municipally owned power companies in New York. More than 17,000 customers in the Village and Perinton receive considerably less expensive power than other areas - about 1/3 the rate charged by nearby utilities.
Overseen by The Fairport Municipal Commission, Fairport Electric is an enterprise fund that is funded entirely by customer rates and no part of village taxes goes to Fairport Electric.

2020 Reliability Certificate Social Media Template (Released in 2021)2020 Reliability Certificate Social Media Template (Released in 2021) 1  

To Report an Outage: Please Call 585-223-9500