Mayor's Message

mayors message, Village of Fairport

January 2021

Our Village is a busy place undergoing a few transformations. While COVID may have slowed businesses, schools and construction earlier in 2020, projects in Fairport kept moving full speed ahead.

The Train Viewing Platform

Railfan camera, train platform and bench
Located on Liftbridge Lane East at the Fairport Junction, is now completed for your train viewing pleasure. The platform long envisioned by local train enthusiasts, came to fruition through a partnership and donations from the Fairport Rotary, the Fairport-Perinton Merchants Association, the Fairport-Perinton Partnership for a Better Community, CSX, Fairport Municipal Commission, the Village of Fairport DPW, village hall staff, Virtual Railfan, and donations from some generous citizens.

Stop by and look for trains from the platform or sit down on the custom bench, fashioned from train parts and watch a train or two. If you can’t make it to the platform, you can still watch trains from your home using the live train viewing webcams at Fairport Junction.

The Southwest Bicentennial Canal Gateway Project

Bicentennial Canal Gateway Project 
The Southwest Bicentennial Canal Gateway Project was completed September 2020 and the ribbon cutting for this project was held Wednesday September 16th 2020. The project features a new deck, a new non-motorized boat dock, spectacular views of the bridge, a granite historical canal timeline and walking connection to the Roselawn neighborhood. *Ice cream not included.*

Parks and Green Space Update

In preparation for the Village Comprehensive Plan update, the Village Trustees reviewed Village owned properties without structures, including parks located on Park Circle Drive, Misty Pine Drive, and green space on Winding Brook Road. The review shared which parcels of land are  owned by the village. Many residents of this area reached out to Board members and Village staff through emails, conversations and attending meetings to share concerns that this property might get developed, and how passionately they felt about these areas of their neighborhoods and their desire for preservation of these green spaces.

Winding brook parkVillage staff began a search through documents from the 1970's when this property was turned over to the Village by the developer, to find the documentation or resolutions that would indicate designation of these areas as parks. After much review, the original resolutions were unable to be located.  In order to honor the wishes of Fairport residents, and protect these properties for the future,  during the October Village Board Meeting the members of the Village Board passed three resolutions designating the parcels on Park Circle Drive, Winding Brook Road and Misty Pine Drive as Village parks. 
Thank you for your patience.
Searching through old records prior to 1990 was a slow process. It's rewarding to  know these properties will be protected for the future and the desires of the residents of the Village of Fairport were honored.  The communications about how this property should be left green were also included with the community input  for Plan Fairport, the Village's comprehensive plan update. 

Coming next: Plan Fairport, the Village of Fairport Comprehensive Plan Update. 

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