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Hours of Operation for the 2020 season:
May 23rd - Nov. 21st 
Saturdays from 7 a.m until 12 noon

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The Fairport Farmer's market will operate until further notice with the following policies in conjunction with policy set by New York State.
All vendors and shoppers must wear a mask.

Please review before attending the market.


  • Only visit and shop at the Market if you are feeling well. If you are sick, please stay home and take care of yourself.
  • Please limit the number of household members attending the market to one or as few as possible.
  • Sanitize your hands frequently using pumps on site.
  • Keep at least six feet apart from other shoppers and vendors.
  • Purchased food may not be consumed at the market.
  • Cover your cough and sneezes with a bent elbow or tissue and dispose of used tissues immediately.
  • Be sure to wash all produce purchased at the Market, especially if you plan to consume it raw.
  • Please keep your Market trip as abbreviated as possible. We suggest making a list of items for efficiency.
  • We ask for your patience if we need to monitor customer numbers in and out of the indoor areas.
  • If you have questions/concerns, please reach out to Market staff at or at 585-456-3250.


  • Require vendors to wear food-grade gloves and masks at all times during operation;
  • Vendors shall be no closer than 10’ apart;
  • Deep cleaning of all vendor stations, tables, and equipment with disinfectant, where applicable;
  • No person besides the vendor may handle or touch food and other products for sale;
  • No samples or cooking demonstrations shall be provided;
  • Allowing through-traffic for faster and more efficient pickups;
  • Minimize amount of food on display with customer access.
  • Vendors are encouraged to set-up preordering by phone or online to shorten the duration of  customer time at the market. 


  • Manage customer traffic within the market to eliminate congregating and to promote social distancing (i.e., maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet between customers).
  • Provide a minimal police presence where applicable to ensure spacing and assembly of groups.
  • Not permit any form of entertainment.
  • No craft or non-food vendors, except for soap or hand sanitizer.
  • No onsite consumption of purchased food.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the market located?
The market is located behind Bank of America, 58 South Main Street, (route 250).

Is the market open today? 
  • The Market  is open Saturdays only, 7:00 am to Noon 12
  • Saturday, May 23, 2020 to the Saturday before Thanksgiving, The market will be open on the Saturday that is normally Canal Days weekend as the annual Canal Days festival is cancelled for the 2020 season.  The market is open rain or shine. 
How will the COVID-19 situation affect the Market?
The opening of the market will be delayed a few weeks as our safety plans are implemented and our farmers have a few more weeks to start readying crops.
There will be limits on the number of people entering the market space at one time and additional rules posted and in place to protect customers and vendors against the spread of COVID-19.  We ask vendors and patrons of the market to carefully read and adhere to the rules posted at the market.  

What's in season?

We can't answer that for you, unfortunately, due to the subtle differences in nature each year. All products sold at the market are seasonal, so only offered when ready to be harvested. When the fields are empty, the produce will be no longer available. Your best bet is to ask a vendor when they think they'll have a certain item, and they can give you an idea of when they think it'll be available. They can also let you know how many more weeks they'll have a type of item.

Can I bring my pet?
We're sorry, but we ask that you respect our "no pets allowed" policy by leaving pets at home.

Is there an ATM at the market? 
There are two ATM's available --one on site at the Bank of America, and another across the street at the Fairport Savings Bank.

Do the vendors accept credit or debit cards?
Some do. This varies by vendor. There are two ATMs close by.

Do the vendors accept SNAP?

Some do. This varies by vendor. 

Is there parking available?
Yes, plenty. You can park in the adjoining Village Landing parking lot and underground lot, as well as in the Packetts Landing lot across the street. Some on-street parking is available as well.

Is there public transportation near by?
There is an RTS bus stop by the entrance to the Village Landing lot on South Main Street.

Are there prepared food stands/vendors at the market i.e. food carts, food trucks, coffee stands?
Per 2020 Covid Restrictions: No - they are not considered essential to Farmer's Markets this year. Produce and food products are allowed until restrictions change from New York State.

Can I sell something at the market?
The Fairport Farmers' Market only sells locally made or grown items. If you are interested in possibly selling something, contact the market manager at for more information.

Fritz May -Market Manager
If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the market, please email for more information.

Farmers' Market Federation of New York

A number of our vendors are members of the Pride Of New York program